Phaze Group will commit to a range of services, solutions, roll-outs and project jobs within time specifications and within budget, underpinned by a service philosophy that aims to exceed client expectations and relieve the pressures of time and complexity, on time – the first time.

The team at Phaze  strives to work in partnership with our clients to achieve shared goals and successful outcomes by:

• Providing practical & knowledgeable advice

• Flexible Design Solutions, and

• Focusing on a long term commitment to our clients, and their requirements

For Outsourced Projects

We can provide project management services to our clients. As many organisations outsource their Projects and services to external organisations, they sometime find it difficult to communicate with the builder, engineers, architects and technical staff of providers as companies struggle to understand the technical jargon and culture of these providers. This leads to blow-outs in budget costs, and unsatisfactory outcomes. We can help here by providing project management capabilities to our clients and helping them in achieving the desired outcomes within budgets. As a service provider to our clients we take care of your interests and provide you with expertise in dealing with providers

For Internal Projects

If you are developing projects in-house, we can provide you with project management expertise to manage your projects better and achieve desired outcomes within budget and time. It is important to complete projects on-time as delays in projects can lead to great loss in terms of opportunity costs and also may strategically hurt organisations.

Installation and Rollout Services

Phaze Project Group has a national network of service providers to service your clients. We cater for new installations, additions and or alterations, breakdowns and SLA’s. Our service Technicians will represent your company on the ground level giving your client’s peace of mind and your company a professional support base. Phaze also supply and project manage nation-wide roll-outs and installations.  Past projects include national supermarket chains, National Retailers, Hospitals, Banks, Insurance companies, State and Federal Government organisations.

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